Wednesday, 3 January 2007

how to behave at Manly = glass houses galore

"Messages that drink-spiking and public urination are unacceptable for Manly will be splashed across The Corso pavement in brightly coloured lights under a new plan to improve behaviour. Other code signs will inform visitors that fighting, drunkenness, drugs, harassment, threatening behaviour, offensive language, vandalism and under-age drinking are unacceptable." [The Manly Daily, 29 December 2006].

Great. Now i can visit Manly and feel safe and protected from all the bad people and nastly things in the world. Thank you Manly Council GM, Henry Wong. Although i do reckon you've left a few other essential items off your list:
Don't shit on the pavement.
Don't vomit in other people's bags.
Don't laugh at people in wheel-chairs.
Don't shoot at passing vehicles.


Anonymous said...

i thin k it's time that we all took 2 fsparkles and had a lie down.

Ricardo said...

nice idea sparkle

Anonymous said...

wongs the biggest rock sucker in the history of rock sucking mamma jammas. rot in hell wong, you suck brainless turd bag. He wants to destroy manly one rediculous decision at a time waste of space. I say drop him in a nuke tower then jettison his remains into space in the direction of the sun so he's neutralised back into hydrogen and other inert gases never to be remembered for the remaining portion of extestence in this univesre may we apologise as a species on the planet for his birth and subsequent nourishment into adulthood. what a waste of carbon, oxygen, and other resources used to produce his empty minded souless biocontainer for his short misery generating ilfe....!